Decades of innovation helped GEH create PRISM

PRISM is a high energy neutron (fast) reactor which uses a series of proven, safe and mature technologies to create an innovative solution to dispose of used nuclear fuel and surplus plutonium.

GE and Hitachi have a legacy of building nuclear plants safely for more than 50 years. Our record of innovation generating clean energy by using proven technologies has been unsurpassed. R&D has always been at the heart of our nuclear business and something that we are carrying forward into the future.

From GE’s founding innovation, Thomas Edison’s light bulb, to developing the first civil nuclear power plant connected to a commercial power grid in 1957; everything that we have learned from 130 years of experience has helped GEH to create PRISM. We believe that innovation often comes by taking existing technologies to create something new. And that is exactly what GEH has done to create PRISM, building on the EBR-II reactor, which operated successfully for 30 years.

The PRISM reactor builds on this sodium-cooled reactor experience first pioneered in 1951 to turn the binding energy of the atom into electrical energy. PRISM incorporates a number of innovative features which make it the ideal vehicle for addressing used nuclear fuel and dispositioning plutonium. In addition, PRISM’s simplified design allows factory fabrication with modular construction and ultimately lower costs… all while generating clean electricity.

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This site is focused on PRISM's potential application in the UK. To learn more about PRISM’s capabilities and its selection for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Versatile Test Reactor project please click here.