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PRISM: Waste not, want not, January, 29 2017
GEH and Southern team up on Prism
World Nuclear News, November 1, 2016
PRISM aims to dethrone Mox
Utility Week, March 13-19, 2015
The Government must not delay the clean-up of Sellafield
Conservative Home, Christopher Pincher MP – March 8, 2014
PRISM: Redefining the relationship with plutonium
Nuclear News, David J. Powell, December 2014
A Fourth-Generation Technology
Nuclear Plant Journal, Newal Agnihorti – July-August 2014
Nuclear: Closing the Fuel Cycle?
Utilities Unbundled, Tony Ward and Brad Hartnett – June 2014
Burning the U.K.’s Plutonium Stockpile Could Fast-Track New Reactors
MIT Technology Review, Peter Fairley – February 4, 2014
Step Aside, 3-D Printing: This Is General Electric’s Next Big Idea
The Motley Fool, Maxx Chatsko – January 12, 2014
Delegates focus on reuse of plutonium
In Cumbria, Julie Morgan – November 28, 2013
UK considers GE’s PRISM nuclear reactor design
WHQR Radio Station, Rachel Lewis Hilburn – May 13, 2013
Prism project: A proposal for the UK’s problem plutonium
The Engineer, Stuart Nathan – May 13, 2013
Britain Looks to Tackle Deadly Legacy of Nuclear Power Plants
Financial Times, Sylvia Pfeifer – April 29, 2013
UK Swaps Plutonium to Balance MOX Policies
World Nuclear News, World Nuclear News Staff – April 23, 2013
UK’s Plutonium Stockpile Dilemma
BBC News, Rob Broomby – February 23, 2013
‘Untested’ Nuclear Reactors May be Used to Burn up Plutonium Waste
The Independent, Steve Connor – August 20, 2012
Has Prism Cracked the Plutonium Problem?
PE Professional Engineering, Lee Hibbert – July 31, 2012
Are Fast-Breeder Reactors the Answer to Our Nuclear Waste Nightmare?
The Guardian (Environment Network), Fred Pearce – July 30, 2012
High Hopes for World’s First Prism Fast Reactor at Sellafield
The Whitehaven News, Alan Irving – July 12, 2012
Nuclear Waste-Burning Reactor Moves a Step Closer to Reality
The Guardian, Duncan Clark – July 9, 2012
University to Advise on Prism Technology
World Nuclear News, World Nuclear News Staff – May 30, 2012
Plans to Tackle Sellafield Plutonium Stockpile Move Step Closer
New Civil Engineer, Declan Lynch – April 4, 2012
Fast Reactor Proposed
The Whitehaven News, Alan Irving – March 29, 2012
Can Fast Reactors Speedily Solve Plutonium Problems?
Scientific American, David Biello – March 21, 2012
Use Nuclear Waste to Power UK, Says Top Scientist
The Guardian, Fiona Harvey – March 15, 2012
GEH Unveils Plans to Re-Use Britain’s Nuclear Waste
New Civil Engineer, Declan Lynch – December 2, 2011
Venture Offers Fast Answer to Sellafield Nuclear Waste
The Times, Tim Webb – December 1, 2011
Fast Reactor a First for Sellafield?
The Whitehaven News, Alan Irving – December 1, 2011
GE and Hitachi Plan New Reactor to Burn UK Plutonium Stockpile
The Guardian, Fiona Harvey – November 30, 2011
GE Hitachi Can Reuse UK Plutonium Stockpile
Reuters, Oleg Vukmanovic – November 30, 2011
GE, Hitachi Propose Plant to Burn U.K.’s Plutonium Stockpile
Bloomberg, Kari Lundgren – November 30, 2011
Study finds Waste-fuelled Nuclear Reactor “Feasible” for UK
BusinessGreen, BusinessGreen Staff – July 10, 2012
GE Signs up University of Manchester for PRISM Collaboration
Nuclear Engineering International – May 30, 2012

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The Top 10 Emerging Technologies for 2013
World Economic Forum Blog, David King – February 14, 2013
The End of Nuclear Power? Careful What you Wish for
The Guardian, George Monbiot – February 4, 2013
We Cannot Wish Britain’s Nuclear Waste Away
The Guardian, George Monbiot – February 2, 2013

Personal Blogs

Why not transform nuclear waste into wealth?, Kirsty Gogan – July 23, 2015
A Letter to David Cameron, George Monbiot, Stephen Tindale, Mark Lynas, Fred Pearce, Michael Hanlon – March 15, 2012
UK Moves a Step Closer to Nuclear Waste Solution, Mark Lynas – March 1, 2012

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